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virtuistic in spade_news

Re-defining "Drug Store"

Star Tribune: Edina

Drug officers raided Image, a clothing store in the Southdale Center geared towards youths, on Thursday morning and found brown paper bags with what appear to be marijuana and cocaine, as well as a bag with $8,000 in cash. [full story here]

The store was owned by two brothers, age 24 and 26, both of whom were arrested during the raid.

Disclaimer: Beyond this point, I remind y'all that malls are not "safe zones".

The vast majority of commentors seem to be in total shock that anyone would do such a thing in a mall, of all places. Now, maybe it's just me, but I am pretty sure that drug-related transactions have been going on in crowded malls for many, many years. The fact that these guys were doing it off the books in the store, and apparently only maintained the store to sell drugs.... that just makes them a little bit dumber and a little bit ballsier than the kids who meet up in the bathrooms, or slip dime-bags in the shoes the "customer" is buying.