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spade news

In which I call a spade just that.

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Hello, current-event follower.

I'm virtuistic, a writer, journalist, and professional web editor. This is spade_news, a place where I -- along with a few others who are dedicated to the cause of intelligent debate and truth -- take the news and then strip away the spin, the talking points, and stale jargon from it. We endeavor to replace that junk with context, research, personality, and perhaps a hint of cheek. Our goal is to simply call a spade a spade.

We cover stories that impact people, and we will pull no punches because it's a about time someone did. There is a need to remove the impartial distance in the news and apply both blunt honesty and vital detail, which appear to be disappearing commodities in our current vogue of abstract political drivel. Thus, in we jump.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the writers themselves, and we gladly take responsibility for them. We encourage rigorous civil discussion.



"Buy the ticket, take the ride. Let's dig a little deeper and expose the savage underbelly of this thing." - Hunter S. Thompson

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